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Intelligence Products

Our Specialists provide intelligence products

Intelligence products

Siege International has specialists that provide solutions across the entire intelligence cycle. From various forms of gathering to analysis to product generation, we have the resources to meet your requirements. We go a step further with the capability to augment domestic and international operations through our protection solutions and forward operating security teams to establish and protect your assets.


Our intelligence and investigations team have many years working at the worlds most prestigious intelligence agencies. We offer custom product development and can develop technical aspects to existing investigations or new development from scratch.

Counter Intelligence & Human Intelligence

Our human intelligence suite of operational products and training takes operatives back to basics. Technology is always convenient but relying on technologies can create dependencies that ultimately expose gaps and vulnerabilities in a department’s abilities to develop intelligence. In our human intelligence program, we assist in filling those gaps to help develop a better end product.

Our course covers:

Human Psychology Active Listening
Source Handling Meet Dynamics
Rapport Development Questioning Techniques & Strategies
Technology Integration & Debriefs Tradecraft
Situational Awareness Foreign Affairs/ Counter Threat
Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
Foundational – Advanced
Tactics & Lessons Learned
Interview Techniques Case Development & Management