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Cyber Security and Technology

Assessing Risks

Covert Forensic Services

Our team works closely with customers internationally to assess risks and apply the right blend of services and technologies, bringing the company’s complete spectrum of capabilities to meet our client needs. Whether the need is rapid response to crisis situations or an ongoing presence to provide strategic security, Siege International can adapt to offer the appropriate solutions.

Siege prides itself on being a leader in delivering top tier, experienced security professionals to missions internationally. Our resources and strategic partnerships allow us to provide our clients with highly skilled subject matter experts who have successfully deployed technology driven capabilities around the world.

We do SSE support and can provide field media forensics and covert forensic copying for military, intelligence and law enforcement….

Covert Forensic Imaging Device or CFID

The Covert Forensic Imaging Device or CFID was designed for forward operating military, intelligence, and law enforcement users who need a simple, small and inconspicuous solution for forensic imaging of portable media, SIM cards, iOS and Android devices, UAV flight logs, active & deleted files and much more. The CFID is an operator friendly, hand-held solution that will improve digital intelligence collection while reducing time on target.

The CFID (Covert Forensic Imaging Device) is the world’s smallest handheld battery powered, forensic collection and imaging device.

Siege is now offering mobile field forensic devices:

Extract and Image USB Storage and SD Cards
Extract and Preview SIM Cards with Watchlists (IMSI and More)
Remote Network Connectivity and VPN (remotely access data)
iOS and Android Content Extraction
Immediately Extract & Preview Flight Logs from DJI UAVs.
108mm (4.25”) x 67mm (2.64”) x 23mm (0.91”)
Automatically Recover Deleted Files

Covert Forensic Imaging