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Solutions for asymmetric threats

Innovative Responses

Globally, the socio-political and geographic environment is becoming more volatile and evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. Globally integrated financial, communication, and transportation systems transcend the boundaries of political, economic, cultural, social, and environmental norms. The emergence of transnational organized crime when intertwined with criminal entrepreneurs and transnational illicit networks is fundamentally destabilizing and jeopardizing legitimate governance, security, stability, economic development, and markets. As such, these asymmetric threats require innovative responses that provide solutions beyond the status quo – conventional military mindsets and business strategies are not dynamic enough to address the agile, asymmetric future.

Crisis Planning

Crisis planning is based out of the Department of Defense’s time-tested processes and infused with commercial business best practices. Individual war games are low cost, high impact, interactive simulations conducted in realistic environments that help you understand “action-reaction” activities. They enable the anticipation, preparation, and response to risk through the development of strategies which rehearse, stress test, and improve cohesive strategic actions. War games are conducted to enable the full exploration of options and the decision-making ability while considering high-stake competitor reactions and outcomes. They give understanding of stimuli that transcend unintended consequences, competitor reactions, trends and shocks, as well as building agreement on urgent near-term actions.

War Gaming

War gaming is conducted in a non-threatening environment that allows for failure without repercussion or resource expenditure required to fully develop and deploy solutions. Because of the closed environment in which war games are conducted, they ensure the protection of an organization’s brand and market position during the assessment of risk. War games deliver an actionable report, a sequenced roadmap of solutions that can be prioritized and aligned to strategic goals and implemented in order. Each item on the roadmap also comes with its related driver and trends that signal an impending change of the operating environment to senior leaders.