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Mission Support

Direct Action Consulting

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance mission support: If you need help gathering the right information, no matter the location or target. Siege International has specialists that can obtain the information you need to connect the dots.

Direct Action Consulting and Support: If you are dealing with unrest, Siege International specializes in mission planning and execution. We employ Tier 1 assets that can transfer knowledge and walk your team(s) through to mission success!

Counter Terrorism/Hostage Rescue Operator Course

Since its inception Siege International has provided special operations training packages from assessment through to advanced and specialized programs of instruction.

The Tier 1 Hostage Rescue Operator Course is by far the most advanced and comprehensive training package. The objective is simple, to take a nation’s warriors from and around the special operations community and build a world-class, tier 1, counter-terrorism & hostage rescue force.

Only a select few countries can claim the capacity to offer this, our leadership and cadre for this program span those countries and specializations.