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Designing, Building, & Providing

Unique Aircrafts

To fill the growing demand for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV), Siege brings a uniquely qualified team to the mission of designing, building, and providing services for this type of unique aircraft.

We produce both airframes and subsystems, including avionics, sensors, and communications packages, for a wide array of field applications. Users employ MAGPIE’s integrated sensor and communication technologies for data collection from ground-based sensors, aerial thermal and optical imaging, stand-off hazard detection and identification, agricultural and wildlife survey/assessment, and aerial communication relay. Sensurion offers a family of closely related products such as a proprietary group of small, ready-to-fly aircraft with automated navigation, sensors, communications, and ground control systems for owner-operators.

Data Services

Data services are integral to Siege’s offering since Magpie platforms are data collection and dissemination tools as part of a network of information. Siege backs its systems with uncompromised customer service for the entire product life cycle including user training, technical support and repairs, data management, system upgrades, and full-service contract UAV operations.


Siege’s proven airframe, micro-avionics, data -communications, modular sensor packages and user-interfaces, take “total-system” UAV operations to a new level. From training devices to advanced autonomous mission-critical assets, Siege’s line of UAV has something for everyone.