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Government & Commercial Services

Strategic Services

Globally, the socio-political and geographic environment is becoming more volatile and evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. Globally integrated financial, communication, logistics consulting, and transportation systems transcend the boundaries of political, economic, cultural, social, and environmental norms.

Aerospace & Defense

To fill the growing demand for Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles, Siege brings a uniquely qualified team to the mission of designing, building & providing services for this type of unique aircraft. We produce both airframes & subsystems, sensors & communications packages, for a wide array of field applications. We produce both airframes & subsystems.

Risk Management & Security Assessments

SIEGE professionals are highly experienced and trained to walk through any type of facility or event with our risk, vulnerability, and threat identification software. We have access to and utilize best practices and industry standards along with custom risk information.

Operational Support

Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance mission support: If you need help gathering the right information, no matter the location or target. Siege International has specialists that can obtain the information you need to connect the dots. We also provide wholesale and distribution of equipment as a means for additional support.