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Detailed and Creative Solutions

Intelligence & Protection Services

Intelligence & Protection

We have the experience and ability to develop detailed, creative solutions to match the needs of clients. These services range from static to mobile solutions for permanent or event-focused missions, from individual low visibility assignments to high-value target critical infrastructure protection.

  • PCybersecurity And Technology Consulting
  • PCritical Infrastructure Protection
  • PDisaster & Crisis Response Support
  • PIntelligence Products

Government & Commercial Offerings

Globally, the socio-political and geographic environment is becoming more volatile and evolving at a quicker pace than ever before. Globally integrated financial, communication, and transportation systems transcend the boundaries of political, economic, cultural, social, and environmental norms. These services range from static to mobile solutions for permanent or event-focused missions, from individual low visibility assignments to high value target critical infrastructure protection.

  • PStrategic Services
  • PAerospace & Defense
  • PRisk Management And Security Assessments
  • POperational Support

Training Services

Siege experts will develop customized courses for customers looking to invest in their military or security capabilities.

Our team can fulfill requirements or provide courses in areas ranging from pre-deployment training to weapons qualifications, and threat analysis.

Our Service Include

  • PCritical Infrastructure Consulting & Protection
  • PPersonal Security Details & Executive Protection
  • PCyber Security Technolgies
  • PAnd much more. Click below read more.

Security and technology consulting, protection, and training

About Siege International

Siege International was started by military veterans to provide commercial and government entities security and technology consulting, protection, and training. The global marketplace has seen increasing threats, vulnerabilities, and volatility.

Our Vision

Siege International’s vision is to be the premier provider of military and security consulting, protection, contracting and training. To achieve this vision we utilize only top tier resources via existing strategic and internal channels.


Our Mission

Our mission is to minimize the impact of disruption or instability in countries and to businesses, in order to promote security and safety resulting in the advancement of economic stability and growth. Siege has developed a full spectrum, holistic approach utilizing state of the art resources to address volatility that threatens the welfare of society.


Our Focus

Making a positive difference to our client’s interests, and to the communities we serve.We succeed by thriving in sometimes harsh environments where we rely on our experience to provide our services.

Global Market Place

Protecting Your Assets

Siege International was started by Military Veterans in response to the growing threats, vulnerabilities and volatility in the global market place. We are connected to and have partnered with the best government and commercial organizations to help make our mission a reality.


These guys are professional! I highly recommend their training, assessment services, and hardware, we’ve worked through many firms over the years but they are uncompromising and one of the best we have used.


"The very best"

I highly recommend their training and security support, these guys are the very best a what they do and can hit a bird off a fence post at a mile.


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