SIEGE INTERANTIONAL has the experience and ability to develop detailed, creative solutions to match the needs of their clients. Our disaster services range from static to mobile solutions for permanent or short term crisis based missions. Our network of experienced disaster professionals permits us to meet our client’s global needs. We have certified resources and equipment to deal with emergency situations and help those most in need. Part of our mission is to protect those in need and work for peaceful resolutions to crisis situations.


  • Full scale aid relief:  water, food, shelter, medical care
  • Scheduling, Delivery, and Management of aid relief
  • Short-term and long-term response planning
  • Crowd & Riot control training and solutions
  • Disaster preparation
  • High-value personnel evacuation planning
  • Electricity and emergency power solutions
  • Full scale riot protection /safety gear and equipment
  • Active shooter response training
  • Short-term arrest management