SIEGE INTERNATIONAL has the experience and ability to develop detailed, creative solutions to match the needs of their clients. These services range from static to mobile solutions for permanent or event-focused missions, from individual low visibility assignments to high value target critical infrastructure protection. Our network of experienced professionals permits us to select the right people to meet our client’s global needs. We have performed assignments in high threat environments such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, and more without ever having a principal seriously injured. We have successfully delivered on the protection of high-value personnel locally and abroad from serious threats. Learn more: Maritime security


  • Advance specialists and surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Identification of critical infrastructure Threats
  • 24 / 7 Protection teams with industry specific expertise
  • Armored vehicle response available
  • Offer both armed or unarmed protection agents
  • Managing risk through communication, collaboration, and technology
  • Strategic guidance to executives and stakeholders
  • Quick reaction force teams available
  • Vulnerability assessments and red teaming
  • Policy, and procedure development to guide existing security forces
  • Force Protection Support Teams to eliminate or reduce attempted attacks
  • Alert and management systems and technology
  • Security and Threat response training