Our mission is to minimize the potential impact of disruption or instability in countries, and businesses to promote security and safety. Thus resulting in the advance of economic stability and growth. Siege has developed a full spectrum, holistic approach utilizing state of the art resources in dealing with instability that threatens the welfare of society.

Siege International’s focus on making a difference to societies is paramount to our success as well as our communities we serve. We succeed by thriving in sometimes harsh environments where we can make a difference to our communities. Some examples are (but not limited to), participating in the stopping of human trafficking, disaster and humanitarian response, reduce nuclear proliferation, securing assets and people, and supporting our local community events and charities. Our passion is helping solve our clients toughest situations.

  • Integrity – From the boardroom to the operational theatre
  • Accountable – The projects we undertake, we own from start to finish. No excuses
  • Commitment to Quality of Service – We judge ourselves by our clients success
  • Stewardship – Manage and Mentor
  • Leadership – Lead by example and attitude
  • Teamwork – Mutual Respect, Communication, and Execution
  • Innovation through change – Research and develop better methods and technology