Siege International has taken the best from global intelligence and defense resources and added big four consulting polish to create the worlds foremost private security and military consulting firm. Siege International was started by military veterans to provide commercial and government entities security and technology consulting, protection, and training. The global marketplace has seen increasing threats, vulnerabilities, and volatility. We are connected to and have partnered with the best government and commercial organizations to help make our vision and mission a reality.

  • Integrity – From the boardroom to the operational theatre
  • Accountable – The projects we undertake, we own from start to finish. No excuses
  • Commitment to Quality of Service – We judge ourselves by our clients success
  • Stewardship – Manage and Mentor
  • Leadership – Lead by example and attitude
  • Teamwork – Mutual Respect, Communication, and Execution
  • Innovation through change – Research and develop better methods and technology